Explode Arena

Explode Arena (S60) 1.0

A fun version of Bomberman with mulitplayer mode

Are you ready for the most *EXPLOSIVE* game around? Explode Arena is the ultimate challenge for you and your friends.

Jump into the first true multiplayer action game available for mobile phones! Up to 4 players can play via Bluetooth. If there are no real people to blow up around, you can always try to beat one of the bots.


Addictive gameplay perfectly suited for bluetooth mobile segment. Based on proven classic games like bomberman and dynablaster.

  • singleplayer

  • mulitplayer via bluetooth up to 4 players!

  • multiplayer game modes:

  • deathmatch

  • deathmatch team

  • last man standing

  • capture the flag

  • domination

  • intelligent bots to play with in singleplayer mode

  • over 30 maps

High quality 2D engine

Amazing graphics and visual effects including:

  • plenty of blended sprites

  • huge transparent explosions

  • shadows

  • dynamic lighting

  • advanced particle system (fire, smoke, sparks)

Multichannel audio system

Multichannel audio system with high quality original soundtrack and plenty of ingame sound effects.

Don't be distracted by the amazing graphics and great music! Just keep this in mind: someone probably wants to blow you up! :)

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Explode Arena


Explode Arena (S60) 1.0